"Just wanted to say thanks once again for the terrific experience you provided to us on our corporate celebration event. Everyone had a blast and discovered hidden talents in the process! Thanks also for taking all those great photos and sharing them with us. Our executive was most impressed when I presented a snapshot of the event at one of our meetings, so you may be seeing us again sometime in the near future." Catherine S., Richmond


“We engaged Mixed Media Events to host our company’s painting social as a team bonding event. Our idea was for each of us to paint a canvas connected through a common theme, and the art work would then be displayed in our boardroom. Mixed Media Events was really accommodating to our ideas and tailored their team bonding activities to our needs. Miriam provided great feedback on how we should coordinate our paintings to make sure it would fit our office. Mixed Media Events also ensured a professional artist (Erica) was there to guide us and answer any questions we had about painting techniques. Even though we each had a different painting, Erica was patient and helped each of us and walk through how we should approach our painting, and also provided tips on how to improve the painting. Miriam took photos throughout, and helped us capture some great moments. We also had food/drinks, and everything tasted great! It was a wonderful experience for our company, and we all enjoyed this team bonding event! A big Thank You to Miriam and her Team” Katherine T., Vancouver


"A truly great team building activity. So much creativity flowing in a very laid back environment. The art is on display in the office!" Caitlyn C., Vancouver


"We had such a fun team building experience! You couldn't have been more accommodating of our small group - making sure, the food was fabulous and that we always had a drink in our hand :) Not to mention the painting was top-notch!" Chris C., Vancouver


"Our team building experience with MME was a lot of fun! It definitely helped bring our team closer together and inspire creativity, in the office and on the canvas! Thanks for a great time! The food was delicious and the service was excellent. The staff are very friendly and very accommodating. I would highly recommend breaking the mold of typical team building activities and going to Mixed Media Events' Studios.' Lauren S., Vancouver


"Mixed Media Events' Studios are a great venue for team building and socializing with your co-workers/friends. Everyone from our branch had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the evening of painting and unwinding with a few drinks. Everyone was really surprised with their artistic creation that they took home. Thank you for being so friendly and accommodating for our budgeting, group size and food requests. We truly had a memorable team building experience. I’m sure we’ll be back" Anna O., Vancouver

"My husband had secretly arranged a causal birthday get together with my girlfriends at Studio Sessions. He bought us a few bottles of wine, tapas, a canvas for me to paint and left us to have a girls night out. The staff were terrific the entire night and everything turned out perfect!" Maggi P., Vancouver


"It was an experience I'll always remember." Kirsten L., Vancouver


"I took my girlfriend to a Studio Sessions night for our anniversary and we had such a fun time. After our tapas, we shared a canvas and created an artistic masterpiece (I may be slightly exaggerating but it Is quite easy to look at.)  We had a fun romantic evening here and have a painting on our wall reminding us of the beauty we create together." James R., Vancouver


"Once we got to the painting part the staff artist Erica was super helpful. I was definitely stressing as I am not artistic and had no ideas at all on what to paint. Whenever I was stuck she was there helping to teach brush strokes, colour mixing etc, she was great." Olivia C., Richmond


"Worth every penny, as it is a great experience that I would at least recommend to try at least once." Tiffany N., Vancouver


"There was a great selection of wines and the tapas was amazingly good, we enjoyed the selection from the variety of plates we ordered." Cindy L., Richmond


"The painting - it was a blast and lots of laughs.  We had decided to make it a competition between us, two groups of four that had to paint a randomly chosen theme.  We were left to get at it but never forgotten as when our drinks were low we never had to wait and there was always help super close by. Just overall a great experience, a super fun night!" Gail T., Burnaby


"I recommend this experience to everyone! Its a guaranteed good time with a friend or two!" Christine E., North Vancouver


"Would I recommend it? YES. This is a great unique activity not found else where in Vancouver. Where else can you drink wine or chug beer and paint? This is the perfect choice for a girl's night out or a creative first date." Vanessa G., Surrey


"Came here for a work event during the day, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, now I love a good charcuterie but charcuterie and art? What a great combo, especially when you add in wine... overall it was a great experience and anyone who loves art, cheese and wine will have fun!" - Olivia T., Vancouver